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WEBSITE TERMS OF USE ( „Terms of Use“ ) 

Last updated : 1/1/2022


OnlineClinic.com and services and materials available thereon are owned and operated by eHealth Solutions s.r.o., Střimelická 2503, 14100 Prague 4. Registered in Czech Republic, Number 14129701, trading as OnlineClinic.com (“OnlineClinic.Com”). For the purpose of these Terms of Use "we", "our" and "us" refers to OnlineClinic.Com

OnlineClinic.com services 

OnlineClinic.Com gives any person who uses the Website ( “User” )  the opportunity to search for, compare and contact medical providers around the world according to User´s  requirements and order medical treatment and other complementary services. Medical provider refers to an institution, place, building or agency that furnishes, conducts, and operates health services including all individual medical practitioners  ( “Medical Provider” ) User may also receive information about particular  Medical Provider, types of treatment, prices and rating in relation to the  Medical Provider. 

OnlineClinic.com offers medical treatment that can be purchased from OnlineClinic.com directly or we act as an agent. The capacity in which we act depends on our relationship with the Medical provider. OnlineClinic.com offers also other services incluluding but not limited to transport, travel assistance, translation of medical documentation, accommodation and other. Costs of these services will be charged and calculated separately ( “Services” )  using OnlineClinic.com or providers for non medical services ( “Providers )

OnlineClinic.com does not provide you with any professional medical advice or medical care itself. Onlineclinic.com does not supply professional medical advice or diagnostic. You cannot use Webiste for emergency medical care. You must call the emergency service immediately once you are in a medical emergency or life threatening situation. User agrees not to use the Website or any Medical Providers or Provider for any purpose that is unlawful and fraudulent. 

OnlineClinic.com may provide only general information about Medical Providers or Providers. You may chose from the list of  Medical Providers or Providers and decide according to your personal preferences and at your own risk. If you are not sure which type of health treatment would meet your needs you should ask your doctor or relevant healthcare centre for advice.   

OnlineClinic.com provides detailed information about the Medical Providers or Provider which were collected from the  Medical Provider or Provider directly or from the online and offline sources which may vary. OnlineClinic.com cannot guarantee that all the information provided is complete, correct or exact. OnlineClinic.com is not responsible or liable for any untrue and misleading information provided by the Medical Providers or Provider.     

Users / Registered users

The Website may not be used and services describes in these Terms of Use  may not be ordered by person who is  younger than 18 years old. By using this Website you warrant that you are older than 18 years old. 

By sending us completed Entry Form and accepting these Terms of Use the User became “Registered User”. As the Registered User you agree with receiving  calls or emails from OnlineClinic.com with current promotions, services purchase or any changes on the Website or in these Terms of Use.  

User should not upload or transfer to OnlineClinic.com any unauthorised codes (inclusive of any viruses, Trojan horses, spyware or other computer programming routine), documents or files or any materials which may cause harm to OnlineClinic.com.  

The Website contains trademarks and copyrighted materials (content, graphic design, logo, know-how, trade name) . User agrees not to transmit, modify, distribute, reproduce or otherwise misused content or any information which will be given by OnlineClinic.com. User agrees to use all information provided by OnlineClinic.com for personal use only and not for commercial use.  

Services provided

You may through the Website ask for information about Medical Provider or Provider  in relation to medical specialization, location and frame of availability. To provide you with the list of Medical Providers or Providers you will be asked to complete the Entry Form on the Website where personal information will be required (full name, email address, phone number, country of origin) and you must agree with Terms of Conditions and also with the Website´s Privacy Policy.  The notification of acceptance of your request will be sent your email address automatically.

You will be provided with the response to your  request within 5 working days. You will be asked by Additional Form for any relevant  information necessary to provide you with the list of Medical Providers or Providers according to your actual needs. 

You may become a Registered User at no costs, however additionally ordered services will be charged extra. The exact costs of each service are agreed in advance and must be confirmed by the Registered User.  Registered User will receive the list of Medical Providers and/or Providers based on completed Additional Form which will be sent by OnlineClinic.com via email. You may be contacted by dedicated OnlineClinic.com employee if an additional information will be required.  Further Services may be offered to you in connection with your medical journey. 

Registered User informs the OnlineClinic.com about chosen option by e-mail or phone. Medical Provider or Provider are chosen by the Registered User  according to personal requirements. Once the choice is given by the Registered User to OnlineClinic.com via email or phone the summarized e-mail will be sent by OnlineClinic.com to provided e-mail address  within 5 working days. At this point a legally binding contract related to particular service come into existence between the Registered User and OnlineClinic and/or Medical Provider and/or Provider.

The summarized  e-mail contains details about your confirmed appointment such as name and address of the Medical Provider, the type of selected treatment, individual requirements given by the Medical Provider or Provider  to fulfil the appointment, time schedule, necessary procedures, cancellation policy and payment methods. If there will be any relevant information needed to confirm the services which are not described above  OnlineClinic.com will inform you about this facts in that e-mail. Once the Registered User receives the summarized e-mail OnlineClinic.com confirms requested service to  the Medical Provider or Provider. 

Data Protection

The Registered User acknowledge that in order to enable any Service, certain details of personal information needs to be provided, included sensitive data about health condition. OnlineClinic.com is authorised to collect and stored such information and provide them with a third party (Medical Provider or Provider according to Registered User´s wish) referred to in Article 9 (2) (a) and Regulation 679/2019 of GDPR. The Registered User explicitly consent with this procedure. OnlineClinic.com endeavours to protect Users privacy. By using the Website Users agree that OnlineClinic.com may hold and process any personal data provided by User. Communication via email between the User and any Medical Provider or Provider through OnlineClinic.com  may be kept in order to assist in tracking such communication. Communication via phone between the User and any Medical Provider or Provider through OnlineClinic.com  may be kept in order to assist in tracking such communication. The calls may be recorded for a quality purposes. OnlineClinic.com can not be responsible for complete security during sending of information over the Internet. The User is aware of the security risk and agree with the using the Website under that risk. OnlineClinic.com is not liable to Users for any damage or loss during using Website and sending information through it.

Payment Methods / Cancellation

OnlineClinic.com process payments through its Website via secure payment Provider (third party Provider). Base on Registered User´s confirmed services OnlineClinic.com may ask the User to provide a Credit or Debit Card to hold  the previously agreed Deposit or Down Payment on behalf of the Medical Provider  or Provider in non-interest-bearing account. Based on Registered User´s confirmed services OnlineClinic.com may send an e-mail with a link to a third party payment Provider where the  payment of previously agreed amount will be made by the Registered User. OnlineClinic.com will pay the costs of particular services in order to secure the booking.

OnlineClinic.com may also provide the Registered User with full billing details of the Medical Facility or Provider so the payment can be made directly by the Registered User to the Medical Facility or Provider. By making a booking Services, either directly or through the OnlineClinic.com, the Registered User agrees with the relevant terms and conditions of the Medical Provider or Provider including cancellation policy. All payment transactions through the OnlineClinic.com are subject to Cancellation. By making a payment through OnlineClinic.com, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of Medical Provider or Provider, and to any additional terms and conditions of the Medical Provider or Provider that may apply to your treatment or service ordered.


Every User  which used certain services through our Website  is  welcome to provide us with reviews. Personal experience may be helpful for others to choose the best service according to their need. It will also help OnlineClinic.com to evaluate  the Medical Providers and Providers. 

Any review which contains offensive, untrue, defamatory or discriminatory text will not be published.

OnlineClinic.com reserves the right to moderate or delete any reviews at any time before previous notification.OnlineClinic.com has 48 hours to approve the content of every review and publish it after that revision. 

Any review is subjective opinion of User and not of OnlineClinic.com. OnlineClinic.com will publish reviews from genuine patients only. If there will be no evidence of patient´s  contact with Medical Provider or Provider through our Website such a review will not be published.

OnlineClinic.com may contact every User who writes an review via email and phone to verify truthfulness. OnlineClinic.com may also ask for more details to improve the quality of the review. Medical Providers or Providers are not allowed to write reviews. The Provider who attempts to do so may be remove from the listing of OnlineClinic.com.

Every review will be stored and published  on the long term basis and User agrees with that. OnlineClinic.com will display the name of the User who writes a review, all verification details such as full name, contact details and date of birth will never be displayed to the public. 

Cookies Policy

OnlineClinic.com uses cookies on Website . By using the Website, you consent to the use of cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows OnlineClinic.com or a thirdparty to recognize you and make your next visit easier and more useful.  Cookies can be "persistent" or "session" cookies. OnlineClinic.com uses both session and persistent cookies on the Website.  OnlineClinic.com may use essential cookies to authenticate Users and Registered Users and prevent fraudulent use of User accounts. 

When you use and access the Website OnlineClinic.com may place a number of cookies files in your web browser. OnlineClinic.com uses cookies for the following purposes: to enable certain functions of the Website, to provide analytics, to store your preferences, to enable advertisements delivery, including behavioural advertising. In addition to OnlineClinic.com own cookies, OnlineClinic.com may also use various third parties cookies to report usage statistics of the Website, deliver advertisements on and through the Website, and so on. 

If the User or Registered User would like to delete cookies or instruct the web browser to delete or refuse cookies, the User or Registered User should visit the help pages of web browser. However, if the User or Registered User delete cookies or refuse to accept them, they might not be able to use all of the features OnlineClinic.com offers. Users or Registered Users may not be able to store the preferences, and some of Website pages might not display properly. 

Content policy 

OnlineClinic.com reserves the right to change and modify the Website content and also  these Terms of Use without previous notification. These changes take effect once posted on Website. It is User´s responsibility to check the Website content and also  these Terms of Use from time to time.  OnlineClinic.com nor any of its employees are not liable for failure or delay in performance of the Website or any Service which may be caused beyond its reasonable control, acts of nature or forces, including but not limited to internet or any equipment failure, strikes, civil disturbances, terroristic attack, war or natural disasters.  

The User acknowledges and agrees that the Website may be partially or totally disabled. In addition, the content or services provided may be altered or cancelled. These facts do not entitle any User to claim damages.

Links to third party websites

The Website may contains links to third party websites. Once the User uses that links the terms of use of the particular website will apply. OnlineClinic.com is not responsible or liable for the information provided on the third party website and Users access these websites at own risk. If there will be any claim or complaint from the User against the third party website it must be brought directly to the third party website and not to OnlineClinic.com. 

OnlineClinic.com continually uses Google and Facebook codes (third party codes ) on the Website to help annalyze where Users are going and how they behave on the Website. During ongoing campaigns, codes for other tracking tools may also appear on the site for a short period of time.

Privacy Policy

OnlineClinic.com respects and protects User´s  right to privacy in relation to interaction with Website. The User agrees with following Privacy Policy by continuing  to use the Website. Every User has to provide certain personal information to OnlineClinic.com once searching for help with arrangement of medical care, travel assistance or Services. These information may include  without any limitation full name, age, gender, e-mail address, phone number, credit or debit payment card details,  address and relevant medical information. The Registered User acknowledge that in order to enable any Service, certain details of personal information needs to be provided, included sensitive data about health condition. OnlineClinic.com is authorised to collect and stored such information and provide them with a third party (Medical Provider or Provider) according to registered User´s wish. The Registered User explicitly consent with this procedure.

Onlineclinic.com may also provide necessary personal information to third party Providers e.g. third party payment Provider or in case of any legal process and during the protection of OnlineClinic.com rights/ or rights of Medical Provider or Provider.

OnlineClinic.com may use necessary personal information for general case management and to monitor, provide and control quality of Services.  The Registered user agrees that certain public information may be displayed at the Website (such as name or nickname and review). OnlineClinic.com has no obligations to the Registered user  for any information provided as public.

OnlineClinic.com may use any relevant information from the User to proceed with arrangements of requested Services. User´s contact details such as e-mail address and phone number may be used for providing the User with necessary information related to ordered Services or relevant information about actual list of services provided by OnlineClinic.com, Medical Provider or Providers in the database. OnlineClinic.com may use User´s contact details to send actual promotions and offers. The User may request to be removed  from the OnlineClinic.com´s database at any time by sending an e-mail to info@onlineclinic.com.

OnlineClinic.com is not authorised to sell personal data to any third parties for marketing purposes without previous consent. 

OnlineClinic.com will collect and store following information and the use agrees with it:

E-mail correspondence

Phone calls –  for training and quality purposes

Chat communication


Information collected by using Cookies on the Website or on the third party websites 

Site visit data, technical and statistical data

Any communication between OnlinecClinic.com, User, Medical Providers and Providers 

Medical Provider and Provider agree by using OnlineClinic.com as the source of potential customers to provide necessary information including  without any limitation name, contact details, address, full billing details and a list of provided services including price list. These information may be provided to any User who asks for it in order to make a non-binding offer. 

Medical Provider or Provider agrees that OnlineClinic.com may provide necessary information about Medical Provider or Provider to third party Provider in case of need e.g. third party payment Provider or in case of any legal process and during the protection of OnlineClinic.com rights/ or rights of User. Medical Provider or Provider consent to disclosure of all information needed to make a non-binding offer to the User. 

OnlineClinic.com may contact Medical Provider or Provider any time  to check and update information in the internal database. Medical Provider or Provider should inform OnlineClinic.com in case of any changes in relevant information in order to provide the User with accurate and up to date information.

Medical Provider or Provider should contact OnlineClinic.com in case that listing in the OnlineClinic.com database is no longer desirable or if its business activities are terminated.

Limitation of liability

OnlineClinic.com is not responsible for your choice of Medical Provider or Provider. If there will be any claim or complaint from you against the  Medical Provider or Provider, and the service was not bought directly from OnlineClinic.com  it must be brought directly to  Medical Provider or Provider and not to OnlineClinic.com.  OnlineClinic.com cannot guarantee availability of any Medical Provider or Provider at any time.

Jurisdiction and Governing law

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpret in accordance with the laws of Czech Republic. Any dispute or claim arising in connection with these Terms and Condition will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Czech Republic. The language of any dispute or any proceedings will be English.

Support companies

The Service is rendered by OnlineClinic.com, which has its headquarters in Czech Republic and is supported by various affiliated group companies (the "support companies") throughout the world. The support companies only provide an internal supporting role to and for the benefit of OnlineClinic.com. Certain designated support companies render customer care support services. The support companies operate and are authorized to act as service agent of OnlineClinic.com. 

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