Infertility and impact to relationship

When a couple receive a diagnosis of infertility numerous psychological mechanisms and emotions are triggered. Feelings can be compared with mourning when a loved one is lost. Usually reaction starts with state of shock and disorientation followed by anger, frustration, guilt and isolation associated with depression and anxiety. This situation can create a difficulty in communication.

The impossibility of having a child is considered as a disease and it seems that nothing has meaning, for men relates to the idea of ​​virility. Often the couple isolate themselves because they are not able to talk about their situation with family and friends, especially friends with children. To deal with the infertility is not easy for any couple, but in some cases the relationship is strengthened by overcoming the difficulties together and supporting each other. Unfortunately it can also lead to the end of relationship.

It is important not to forget the psychological side of infertility and IVF treatment. Looking for support in the couples therapy can help to deal with unexpected life situation and keep healthy and strong relationship.

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