Being a single mother with assisted reproduction

Do you want to have a child of your own, but you don’t have a partner? Becoming a single mother with assisted fertilization is not an easy decision, but in many countries it is possible.

Single women have access to assisted reproduction - with some limitations – in Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium and Finland.
Generally, women who opt for this choice are between 34 and 45 years, who live in large cities and have a high school education and skilled jobs. Another factor that leads to this decision is the difficulty or impossibility of adoption for single women.

Depending on the legislation, the donor can be anonymous, not anonymous, private, or "open". An "open" donor is intended to provide consent for a child to obtain the identity of the donor after they have reached age 18. The donor’s identity is only provided to the child, it remains anonymous for the parents and the clinic.

It is very important to consult with a clinic or a sperm bank because these facilities provide all medical examinations for donors, such as control for sexually transmitted diseases and some genetic diseases, and it guarantees the healthy of the future mother and of the child.

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