Artificial insemination or IUI

Assisted fertilization techniques are medical...

Assisted fertilization techniques are medical procedures, divided, according to complexity, in techniques of the first, second and third level.

Artificial insemination or IUI is included in the first category, it is a simple procedure, painless and the less invasive and expensive. It involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization through a thin catheter. It is possible to perform insemination in the natural cycle or with a soft hormonal stimulation.

This treatment is recommended for young women, in case of minimal male factor infertility and for women with cervical mucus problems.

The sperm used during IUI may either be from the partner or donor sperm. Every couple will have a different response to IUI, and it can be difficult to predict its success, main factors that can influence the result are age and infertility diagnosis

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