How to choose the IVF clinic

One of the most discussed topics at the London Fertility Show concerned the criteria for choosing the right IVF clinic.

There are many factors that can influence the choice: First of all, we must check if the structure provides the treatment we want and if this is permitted by local law. For example, in some countries treatments such as surrogacy or egg donation are prohibited, while in other countries the legislation is very liberal.

The next step is the evaluation of costs and what is included in the price. Also important, are the reviews of patients, about the techniques used and personal experiences with IVF. We must then make a choice based on what makes us feel more comfortable: a large, modern clinic, or a smaller, family-oriented one.

Last but not least, we recommend having an initial consultation in more than one clinic, because the first impression is important, and to see if our expectations are satisfied.

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