Śrem, Poland

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Specialization Treatment Price
Dentistry All-on-4 Send a quote
Dentistry Teeth Whitening € 24
Dentistry Dental Hygiene € 12
Dentistry Tooth Extraction - Surgical € 48
Dentistry Tooth Extraction - Simple € 36
Dentistry Dentistry Consultation € 12
Dentistry Root Canal Treatment € 72
Dentistry Tooth Filling - Amalgam Send a quote
Dentistry Tooth Filling - White € 22
Dentistry X-Ray (OPG) € 5
Dentistry Dental Implant € 482
Dentistry Dental Crown - Ceramic € 301
Dentistry Dental Crown - Metal Ceramic € 169
Dentistry Dental Crown - Telescopic Send a quote
Dentistry Dental Crown - Zirconia Send a quote
Dentistry Dental Bridge Send a quote
Dentistry Denture € 193

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