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London, United Kingdom

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City Fertility is a small private fertility clinic in the heart of London. We are proud to call ourselves a boutique-style IVF as our team of professionals share the ethos of patient centred fertility care which means that we will leave no stone unturned to give you the best chances of conception.

We also believe in an individualised approach to our patients‘ fertility challenges and in bespoke fertility treatments.

Our promise to you is that we will look thoroughly into your fertility difficulties, that we will use state of the art treatment protocols and technologies and that when appropriate, we will also “think outside the box”.

The members of our team at GENNET City Fertility were carefully chosen on the basis of their achievements while working in reputable units in London and overseas. Between the members of our team we share extensive experience and vast knowledge in the field of fertility medicine, assisted reproduction and the management of early pregnancy.

Treatment possible for everyone including same-sex couples and single ladies.

Age limit with own eggs is 45 full years and with donor eggs 50 full years.

Our success rates are available at

There are currently no waiting times for any kind of treatment and your initial consultation can happen even tomorrow.


Specialization Treatment Price
IVF Cryo embryo transfer (KET) € 1.123
IVF Embryo Donation € 3.686
IVF Sperm Donation Send a quote
IVF Egg Donation € 9.345
IVF Insemination € 964
IVF Donor Insemination Send a quote
IVF IVF Cycle with ICSI € 5.557
IVF IVF Cycle without ICSI € 3.346
IVF IVF Consultation € 227
IVF Female couple treatment Send a quote
IVF IVM Send a quote
IVF Natural cycle IVF € 2.824
IVF Egg Freezing € 3.176
IVF Surrogacy € 1.134
IVF Anaesthesia € 261
IVF Assisted hatching € 272
IVF Sperm DNA fragmentation test € 454
IVF Embryoglue € 198
IVF Embyoscope € 454
IVF ERA Test € 1.077
IVF Genetic Consultation € 170
IVF Hysteroscopy € 680
IVF ICSI € 1.077
IVF IMSI € 272
IVF Endometrial scratch € 170
IVF Karyomapping € 1.701
IVF NGS Test Send a quote
IVF PESA € 1.531
IVF PGS € 1.236
IVF Pipelle € 227
IVF Blastocyst culture € 272
IVF Semen analysis € 113
IVF TESE € 1.645
IVF Ultrasound scan € 147
IVF Embryo - vitrification € 680
IVF Embryo adoption Send a quote
IVF Egg and sperm donation Send a quote
IVF GERI Incubator Send a quote
IVF TESA Send a quote

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