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The GENNET Clinic was established in 1996 as a medical genetics centre.

It gradually expanded its services with other expertise, which are

  • Assisted reproduction
  • Foetal medicine
  • Gynaecology
  • Urology
  • Immunology

The state-of-the-art technical equipment allows our experts to identify the diagnosis and following treatment process accurately.

Perfect facilities helps greatly with attaining a high success rate of over 85%.

We place special emphasis on a personal approach and individual care for each client.

We do our best to give you satisfaction.

Our clients can be entrusted to professionals in 4 branches. Two are located in Prague (GENNET Letná and GENNET Archa), one in Liberec (GENNET Liberec) and one in London (GENNET City Fertility).

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Specialization Treatment Price
IVF Cryo embryo transfer (KET) € 800
IVF Embryo Donation € 1.400
IVF Sperm Donation € 150
IVF Insemination € 600
IVF Donor Insemination Send a quote
IVF IVF Cycle with ICSI € 2.500
IVF IVF Cycle without ICSI Send a quote
IVF IVF Consultation € 100
IVF Egg Freezing € 1.000
IVF Anaesthesia € 100
IVF Assisted hatching € 117
IVF Sperm DNA fragmentation test € 100
IVF Embryoglue € 180
IVF Embyoscope € 300
IVF ERA Test € 872
IVF Genetic Consultation € 78
IVF Hysteroscopy € 630
IVF ICSI Send a quote
IVF IMSI € 666
IVF Endometrial scratch € 40
IVF Karyomapping Send a quote
IVF NGS Test Send a quote
IVF PESA Send a quote
IVF PGS € 696
IVF Pipelle Send a quote
IVF Blastocyst culture € 136
IVF Semen analysis € 50
IVF TESE € 1.500
IVF Ultrasound scan Send a quote
IVF Embryo - vitrification € 385
IVF TESA Send a quote

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