EasyFIV - Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares, Spain

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EASYFIV clinics offer the best prices of the Spanish market, because our clinics are not in big avenues and our furniture is not designed by great interior designers. So we take care of the most important things, like the treatments, the cure of our patients and the high quality medicine. We provide to our patients the best treatments and the best quality. We use the latest technology on assisted reproduction thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Instituto Madrileño de Fertilidad laboratory (IMF). So this allows us to avoid high structure investment costs. We offer a personalized treat for every one of our patients, to choose the best treatments to them. We think that the maternity is a right, so we take care of all our women that come to our clinics to provide him the best deal.


Specialization Treatment Price
IVF Cryo embryo transfer (KET) € 850
IVF Sperm Donation € 350
IVF Egg Donation € 3.980
IVF Insemination € 480
IVF Donor Insemination € 830
IVF IVF Cycle with ICSI € 2.960
IVF IVF Cycle without ICSI € 2.550
IVF IVF Consultation € 30
IVF Female couple treatment € 3.575
IVF Natural cycle IVF € 2.550
IVF Egg Freezing € 1.800
IVF Anaesthesia € 330
IVF Assisted hatching € 440
IVF Sperm DNA fragmentation test € 150
IVF Embryoglue € 350
IVF Embyoscope € 350
IVF ERA Test € 895
IVF Genetic Consultation € 30
IVF Hysteroscopy € 1.265
IVF ICSI € 500
IVF Endometrial scratch € 300
IVF Karyomapping € 850
IVF NGS Test € 2.000
IVF PESA € 1.545
IVF PGS € 2.000
IVF Pipelle € 465
IVF Blastocyst culture € 350
IVF Semen analysis € 450
IVF TESE € 1.545
IVF Ultrasound scan € 30
IVF Embryo - vitrification € 550
IVF Embryo adoption € 1.500
IVF Egg and sperm donation € 4.330
IVF GERI Incubator € 350
IVF TESA € 1.545
IVF Embryo Donation € 3.850

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