ProCrea Swiss Fertility Center

Lugano, Switzerland

10 Rates

ProCrea is a assisted reproduction centre specialised in male and female infertility. After more than fifteen years of activity, it has become an international lodestar for the entire sector, owing to its high professional standards, meticulous scientific research and the results obtained.

ProCrea offers patients an entire facility dedicated to reproduction treatments, where we work in synergy with a team of world-class doctors and passionate researchers. Our internal molecular genetics laboratory, the ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189-accredited ProCreaLab, allows us to perform precise genetic analysis with a rapid turnaround in order to study fertility and the development of personalised treatments. The andrology laboratory, on the other hand, is one of the state-of-the-art experimentation labs of choice of Italian Swiss urologists and andrologists.

ProCrea has two units: the main ones is located in Lugano, in a strategic position, near to the railway station and easy to reach from Milan (by road or rail) and from Rome (by air). The second is in Bellinzona.

You can get an initial consultation in just a few days, so that you can start the procedure that leads rapidly to an initial examination and cut down the waiting time to get started on the best treatment for you. For all requests contact ProCrea on the web or by phone.


Specialization Treatment Price
IVF Cryo embryo transfer (KET) € 1.900
IVF Insemination € 1.200
IVF Donor Insemination € 1.500
IVF IVF Cycle with ICSI € 5.600
IVF IVF Cycle without ICSI Send a quote
IVF IVF Consultation € 120
IVF IVM Send a quote
IVF Natural cycle IVF Send a quote
IVF Egg Freezing € 3.900
IVF Anaesthesia Send a quote
IVF Assisted hatching Send a quote
IVF Sperm DNA fragmentation test Send a quote
IVF Embryoglue Send a quote
IVF Embyoscope Send a quote
IVF ERA Test Send a quote
IVF Genetic Consultation Send a quote
IVF Hysteroscopy Send a quote
IVF ICSI Send a quote
IVF IMSI Send a quote
IVF Endometrial scratch Send a quote
IVF Karyomapping Send a quote
IVF NGS Test Send a quote
IVF PESA Send a quote
IVF PGS Send a quote
IVF PICSI Send a quote
IVF Pipelle Send a quote
IVF Blastocyst culture € 900
IVF Semen analysis Send a quote
IVF TESE Send a quote
IVF Ultrasound scan Send a quote
IVF Embryo - vitrification Send a quote
IVF Egg Donation € 8.500
IVF Embryo adoption Send a quote
IVF Embryo Donation Send a quote
IVF Sperm Donation € 300
IVF Egg and sperm donation Send a quote
IVF GERI Incubator Send a quote
IVF NGS Test Send a quote
IVF TESA Send a quote

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