About us

OnlineClinic.com is the first independent platform that compares prices of healthcare providers

We are the first independent platform to compare healthcare service providers with international reach. Our web portal provides access to important information and prices for quick and easy orientation. You can also book a consultation with a specialist of your choice directly on our web, whether in your home country or abroad.

The uniqueness of the whole project lies in the sharing of data obtained from health service providers and reviews from patients. Personal experience helps other users to choose the ideal doctor, in a suitable location and at the preferred time. On the other hand, doctors can better present their professional qualities and inform existing and new patients about current news in their surgeries and make full use of the available capacity.

We bring to our users a friendly and well-arranged virtual clinic environment from the comfort of their home. Our database of specialists contains more than 3.000 surgeries and clinics from all over the world. We specialize in the fields of assisted reproduction, aesthetic medicine, orthopaedics and many others.

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